We hope you had a safe journey and that you have a wonderful time in our home here in Ilfracombe. Please make yourself at home - hopefully we have thought of everything however if we can be of any help during your stay then do please contact us. Our details are below.

Chambercombe Park House was built in the 1880s and has been a gentleman’s villa, a bed and breakfast and a private family residence and has had a number of additions and changes throughout the years. We bought it in 2009 and have lived in it and loved it as our family home until recently when we moved a short distance away to another property.

Since we moved in, we have added the games room / conservatory, extended the kitchen area significantly, created both decking areas and knocked a wall down in the lounge where it used to be 2 rooms.


The full address of the property and landline number for reference are: -

4 Chambercombe Park Road,
EX34 9QN,
01271 879876

Chambercombe Park House has been thoroughly cleaned ready for your stay along with fresh bedding and towels. If, however you find anything to not be to your satisfaction please contact us straight away and we will do our best to help.



We have had to make a couple of extra Covid-19 rules for the current situation we are in

1) Please would you place all linen for each bed in a black bin bag and place at the bottom of the stairs at the end of your stay.

2) Please empty all bins at the end of your stay and place the bin bags in the kitchen


For the enjoyment of everyone in your party and for our next guests we would be appreciative if you could take note of the following: -

  1. Please try and keep noise down after 10pm – especially in the summer months in the garden as there are families with small children in the houses around.
  2. If you could keep dogs to the wooden/laminate areas downstairs and not the lounge or upstairs that would be helpful.
  3. Please make sure that all dogs ‘business’ is cleared up from the garden.
  4. No smoking is allowed in the house.
  5. Please clear up and leave the house in a tidy state.



Heating – controlled by the Hive thermostat which will be on the lounge mantel piece.  Depending on the time of your visit the heating will be on a schedule but feel free to boost it by

  1. Press the top right button on the Hive thermostat
  2. Set the desired temperature using the dial
  3. Press the tick.

Hot water should be good to go, and nothing should need changing there but if for some reason it does then press the top left button on the Hive box and follow the same steps as above.

Electrics - If for any reason any of the electrics trip there are 2 fuse boards in the house. The main one is in the utility room in a cupboard on the beam above the washing machine and tumble dryer. There is another one for the kitchen to the left of the kitchen door as you walk into the building.  

Oven – the oven should be fairly straight forward to work with the dials pointing to the hob it connects to. There are 3 ovens with the grill on the top left one. To operate the grill, you need to use both the dials directly to the right of the ‘Stoves’ plaque – the first one to determine the function and the second one for the grill temperature.

Dishwasher – all the controls are on the top of the door and viewable once opened. Press the power button on the left and select the program – we normally use the eco program – and then press Start on the right-hand side.

Washing Machine and Tumble Dryer – simply twist the dials to the appropriate setting and press the play button. If the clothes aren’t getting dry then drop the bottom panel on the tumble dryer, take out the water container and empty into downstairs toilet sink.

Wi-Fi - Connect to the ‘Netgear-16’ network and enter ‘quaintquash’ as the password.

Recycling – This happens every Tuesday – please use the black box and brown bag provided and take to the top of the driveway and place on the path by 9am Tuesday morning

Bins – Every other Friday

TVs – both TVs are pretty obvious – the one in the games room has Freeview and a bluray/dvd player plugged in. It is also hardwired into the internet and is a smart TV so if you have a Netflix account you can use it on that TV.

The TV in the lounge has Sky with it including Sky Sports and the basic entertainment package. There is also a DVD player under the cabinet and this TV is also a smart TV so you can access Netflix on here as well.

The sky pin is 8761

The cabinet under the lounge TV has a large selection of DVDs and BluRays discs – there should be something for everyone in there.

Misc – There is a vacuum cleaner in the under stairs cupboard.

New bulbs are in the left most wall mounted cupboard in the kitchen should any blow – don’t worry about replacing them if there is no need as our maintenance team will look after that on the changeover.

Travel cot is in the cupboard under the stairs and there are 2 high chairs – one in the kitchen and a spare in the under stairs cupboards.

Should any post arrive please just leave it on the side by the front door.

Please take a moment to check all the cupboards in the kitchen and orientate yourselves with the location of everything. There should be plenty of plates, utensils, cutlery and other essentials. Placemats can be found in one of the drawers under the plate rack. Please make sure you use the placemats when serving from hot dishes so as to not damage the table.

An iron, ironing board and drying rack are located in the utility room as needed.

There is plenty of spare bedding in the airing cupboard in the toilet on the middle floor should you need it



Ilfracombe has a number of small independent shops and more well-known chain stores. We have a local Tesco & Lidl store – directions below

Directions  to Lidl from Chambercombe Park House